KANTAFLEX TM PVC Water Stops & Profiles
KANTAFLEXTM PVC Water Stops are profiles based on specially formulated plasticized PVC composition. PVC Water Stopper is used in concrete masonry construction of hydraulic structures to safeguard from hydrostatic pressure and water seepage. Water Stopper also withstands expansion and contraction of joints as well takes care of any deflection and displacement arising due to change in temperature or settlement of foundation eliminating dangers of cracks since these is engineered as water tight seals in poured concrete structures. After being embedded in concrete, PVC water stops fill up the joints to form a continuous watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of fluid.

Most popular way of the placement of the water stop seal is tied to the steel frame works or small eyelet by means of small wires, certain metal clamps made to grip the water stop seal to keep it in proper position. The water stop must be designed and installed properly to accommodate joint expansions, contraction and lateral & transverse movements. In addition to these considerations, the water stop must be compatible with the concrete system and the liquids and chemicals to be contained or controlled. The basic kind of water stops, suggested normally for use in construction joints where movement is not expected, is the basic type of flat ribbed waterstop, However the ribbed type with center bulb is used in expansion joints where movement is likely to occur.

KANTAFLEXTM PVC Water Stops have good ageing properties leading to longer life, have high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance, lower water absorption, non hazardous and flame retardant, good shock bearing capacities against earth quakes, floods, heavy turbine vibrations, allows safe passage of seepage water, easy to weld and install. KANTAFLEXTM PVC Water Stops maintains its premier position of the preferred industry supplier by offering customized products meeting specific needs of our customer. We offer a wide variety of PVC waterstop in rolls, in width up to 300 mm and thickness of 4 to 12 mm. We also welcome any special or customized design from the end user.

KANTAFLEXTM PVC Water Stops are under the process of getting BIS approval meeting IS: 15058 : 2002.