KANTAFLEX TM PVC Form Liners for Concrete
KANTAFLEXTM PVC Form liners for Concrete are extruded profiles are used to enhance the concrete appearance. We provide a very wide range of concrete form liners for the construction industry. We offer these liners in width upto 300 mm and in continuous lengths. The customers are welcome to choose from our standard design / patterns or may suggest their own designs. With our own mold design and manufacturing facility, we offer an unmatched design flexibility and can produce any linear design.

Our Form Liners are designed to provide minimum leakage, easy and fast installation, thus saving on the material and labor costs. These factors coupled with the fact that our liners can be multi-used, makes our product an unmatched offering in its category to the construction industry.


Care should be taken not to expose these liners to intense heat or cold as the extreme temperatures can deteriorate form liners. Application of good quality release agent, after checking the suitability of the same, is also suggested for longer life and multiple use of the form liners. Form Liners must be cleaned after every use. It is also suggested that these liners must be removed as soon as possible, preferably within twenty four hours of concrete placement as the heat of concrete hydration may damage the liners or may even cause sticking. Prolonged contact with foam liners may also cause the concrete to darken. Ribbed Formwork needs particularly careful handling while stripping to avoid breaking the fins. Care should also be taken to strip at 90 angle. The extra care taken during the removal of form liners will help in saving the costs involved in repair of the concrete surface and / or replacement of damaged liners.