KANTAFLEX TM Elastomeric Slab Seal Unit
As per MoRTH Section 2600, Clause 2607. Main components are Edge Beam and E Seal.
  1. Steel structure are to be inserted as shown above in either sides, little lowered position.
  2. Top of the insert shall be at par with finished level of wearing coat to maintain the camber.
  3. Steel structure and main reinforcement bar shall be anchored with proper welding.
  4. If required spacer bar shalll be used for proper alignment of bolt and leveling of steel insert
  5. Steel structure are to be packed with proper mixture of concrete as same as deck casting.
  6. With proper alignment, manufacturer's recommended adhesive to be applied on the steel insertsand the elastomeric slab seal shall be placed over there.
  7. Elastomeric seal shall be tightened with S.S. nut & bold and shall be locked with washer.
  8. The cavity of the nut & bolt shall be filled with elastomeric plug, duly applying the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer.
  9. Wearing coat shall be done in the spot,with adequate care to ensure a waterproof joint with the existing wearing coat.
  10. Temperature to be checked before installing the elastomeric slab unit.