Welcome to Kanta Rubber Pvt. Ltd.
Kanta Rubber P. Ltd., (KRPL) is a more than two decade old company with focus on servicing the infrastructure industry like roads and bridges, construction, power apart from various other industries through its range of rubber and polymer based product range as given below. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified, thus ensuring continuous and consistent quality:
  1. Elastomeric Bridge Bearings for Road and Railway Bridges.
  2. Expansion Joint Systems like Elastomeric Strip Seal Joints, Elastomeric Slab Seal, Compression Pavement Seal, Elastomeric Compression Seal, Cap Seal Expansion Joint (Omega Seal), Bridging Seal Expansion Joint, PVC Expansion Joint, Expansion Filler Joints, for Road Bridges as well Railway Bridges.
  3. Insulating Rubber Mats.
  4. PVC Water Stoppers for water retaining structures.
  5. PVC Foam Liners for concrete application.
  6. Rubber Hoses for various application – customized design and solutions.
  7. PVC Flexible Pipes and Profiles - customized design and solutions.
  8. Customized rubber and PVC articles through molding or extrusion process including in conductive rubber, like PVC (Handrails, Crack Inducing Canal Joints), Rubber (Anti vibration pads, Fluted / Chequered Mats, Bellows, Chute, Fenders), Geo Membrane & Geo Textile, Floating Roof Tank Sheet