KANTAFLEX TM Elastomeric Bridge Bearings
KANTAFLEX TM Elastomeric Bridge Bearings are designed to transform the movement and rotation of bridge structure into elasticity and minimizes the secondary stress generated in bridge because of the layered rubber sheets reinforced by metal plates. These bearings are designed to accommodate vertical, longitudinal, horizontal and transverse loads / movements and rotation of the superstructure caused by thermal effect, traffic loads, structural load, wind load, seismic load etc. These bearings effectively release the stress on the bridge and have excellent rotation in all the directions and movements. The inserted metal plates restrict the rubber expansion on the sides and improve the resistance to load on the bridge as the elasticity of rubber absorbs shock well and lengthens the natural period of stress. Another advantage is the robustness and corrosion free nature of these products, ease and convenience of installation, long service life and customized size to suit the bridge design.

KANTAFLEX TM Elastomeric Bridge Bearings are designed and manufactured as per IRC:83 (Part II) 1987 with the latest amendments, to meet the requirements of MoRT&H specifications for Road & Bridge Works to Section No. 2000 to clause number 2005 (Elastomeric Bearings) and to International Union of Railways Code UIC 772 R (Use of Rubber Bearings for Railway Bridges). KRPL is approved by Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways (Dept. of Road Transport & Highways), Government of India vide their letter number RW/NH-34057/1/95-S&R (B) dated 23.06.2005. We are also approved by Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO), Ministry of Railways, Government of India vide their renewal letter number CBS/PBEJ/Reg/Kanta Rubber dated 10.09.2009.