KANTAFLEX TM Bridging Seal Expansion Joint
Main components are Omega Seals, Steel Plates and Nut & Bolts.

  1. special type of steel bolt shall be inserted into the recess made in the deck and to be filled with M 35 grade concrete.
  2. Kantaflex bridging seal to be positioned on both sides of the decks such a manner that the cup shape of bridge seal covers the gap and the plain surface are perfectly sat on the deck slab.
  3. Galvanized steel plate 20mm thick having hole to suit special type of nut & bolt to be placed on the plain surface of the seals at both sides , such a manner the bolt is inserted through the hole.Seal also to be punched with a hole suiting to hole of the steel plate to enable to get inserted through the bolt.
  4. Nut to be tightened on every bolt properly and tack welded to ensure the locking.
  5. On completion of installation, every aspects to be checked for proper installation.
  6. wearing coat shall be done with proper care without disturbing the seal.